Elevate Spaces with High-Quality Golden Rutile Sphere

This High-Quality Golden Rutile Sphere transcends mere decor it's a conduit for amplified energies and profound benefits. Featuring exquisite golden rutile threads within, this sphere embodies vitality, strength, and manifestation. Golden rutile is revered for its ability to channel and amplify intentions, making it a powerhouse in crystal healing.

Placing this sphere in sacred spaces at home or office magnifies luck, prosperity, and positivity. Its presence fosters an atmosphere of abundance and shields against negativity, fostering harmony and a sense of well-being.

Product Information :

Size : 4.5 inches

Weight : 2.7 Kgs

Beyond its metaphysical properties, this sphere is a statement piece for home decor. Its radiant allure adds a touch of sophistication while infusing spaces with vibrant energies. Act swiftly, as our stock is limited. DM for inquiries and seize the opportunity to elevate your surroundings with this exceptional Golden Rutile Sphere.

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