Howlite Buddha on a leaf - Handmade carving of serene and meditating Lord Buddha | 5.7 inches and 1.34 kg

Howlite Buddha on a leaf - Handmade carving of serene and meditating Lord Buddha | 5.7 inches and 1.34 kg

This Howlite Buddha carving exquisitely handcrafted and weighing a serene 1.34 kg, is a symbol of serenity and mindfulness. With dimensions of 5.8 inches in length, it stands as a perfect adornment for any sacred space, study table, or office entrance, enhancing the ambiance with its tranquil presence. Howlite a gemstone known for its calming properties brings a sense of peace and harmony wherever it resides.

This Buddha carving, not merely a decorative item is a profound embodiment of spiritual symbolism and cultural heritage. The term "Buddha" refers to Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, who attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. Crafted with precision and reverence, this Buddha statue captures the essence of this enlightened being.

Keeping this Buddha statue at home is believed to bring peace, harmony and positive energy, making it a popular choice for those seeking a spiritual touch in their living spaces. Once you place this carving, you'll feel the energy, positivity, and spirituality enveloping you, enhancing the ambiance and fostering a sense of tranquility and serenity.

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Benefits of Howlite Stone:

Howlite is a gemstone renowned for its myriad of benefits, both spiritual and practical. It is often used for meditation and mindfulness practices, as it aids in quieting the mind and reducing stress. Additionally, Howlite promotes emotional healing helping individuals overcome anger, and anxiety also. 

Where Howlite Stone Is Found:

Howlite is predominantly found in Canada, specifically in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick. It is also mined in parts of the United States, such as California. Beyond North America, Howlite deposits have been discovered in countries like Germany, Turkey, and Russia.

Four Ideal Locations for Howlite Buddha Carving:

  1. Home Sanctuary: Place the Howlite Buddha carving in a corner of your home designated for tranquility and meditation. Its serene presence will create a peaceful atmosphere, ideal for introspection and relaxation.

  2. Study or Office Space: Enhance your workspace with the calming influence of the Howlite Buddha carving. Its presence can help alleviate stress and promote focus, making it conducive to productivity and creativity.

  3. Sacred Altar: Dedicate a sacred space in your home for spiritual practices and rituals. The Howlite Buddha carving, with its symbolic significance and tranquil energy, will be a focal point for contemplation and prayer.

  4. Gifting for Special Occasions: Celebrate housewarmings, birthdays, or other special occasions by gifting loved ones with the Howlite Buddha carving. Not only does it serve as a beautiful decorative piece, but it also imparts the gift of serenity and mindfulness to the recipient.

Incorporating the Howlite Buddha carving into your home decor not only adds aesthetic charm but also invites a sense of peace and tranquility into your surroundings. Whether placed on a study table, office entrance, or sacred altar, its serene presence serves as a reminder to cultivate mindfulness and embrace inner calm.

As a gift it symbolizes a wish for happiness and harmony in the recipient's life. Embrace the tranquil energy of Howlite and elevate your living space with this beautifully handcrafted masterpiece. This Buddha carving is perfect for gifting also. Its white color and elegantly designed features give it extra spark. When you gift it to someone it truly shows how much you care for them.

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