5 Crystals For Good Health & Wellness

5 Crystals For Good Health & Wellness

Crystals tend to be associated with spiritual healing and emotional balance but packed into all of that is physical health too. The holy trinity of body, mind and spirit all feed into each other and can have a huge impact on our overall well being. Calling on crystal power as a health pick me up and to gift yourself that chance to stay fresh, vibrant and forever in a good flow of energy is a must.

With their high vibrations and ability to keep out bad energy  these essential crystals for health are here to lead you through a long and wildly beautiful life.

Healing Crystals for Health & Wellness 

These ancient gemstones have long been used by shamans and holistic healers for everything from serene sleep to boosting the immune system and helping the body to be strong and able. Here we dive into the best stones for self-care and wellness.

  1. Amethyst for serenity, sleep and easing aches and pains
  2. Rose Quartz for self-love, relationships. Use in meditation, emotional balance.
  3. Moonstone Ideal for meditation and artistic endeavors, its soothing properties aid in emotional healing and inner connection.
  4. Citrine Fosters positivity, treats depression, anxiety. Radiates well-being.
  5. Aventurine brings luck, prosperity, and confidence, harmonizing emotions for balance.

1) Amethyst 

What it looks like: Gentle hues of purple bliss.

What it does: One of the most serene stones there is, Amethyst stone it can ease all kinds of aches and pains especially headaches and migraines. It also facilitates good healthy sleep and grants positive power to those trying to move away from addictions like drugs, alcohol, smoking and caffeine. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.

When to use it: Wear Amethyst close to the body to let it lull and soothe and unravel any tensions. For those struggling with addiction or sitting quietly with this stone during meditation can help.

2) Rose Quartz 

What it looks like: Pale and pink like a soft beating heart.

What it does: Rose Quartz is full to the brim of loving energy and can help you to nurture yourself from tip to toe. Physically it keeps your heart healthy and emotionally it makes sure that you are living in harmony and making loving decisions that will serve you well. 

When to use it: Wear Rose Quartz close to the body to lap up those loving vibes and to keep your cardiovascular system healthy. If you tend to be an anxious person Rose Quartz gemstone can calm you down.

3) Moonstone 

What it looks like: Pearly white and small black patches.

What it does: Rich in feminine energy and a radiant balancer of big emotions, Moonstone shines its guiding light to help us move out of fear and anxiety and all the different ways these cages can hold us back. It also helps heal and bring strong energy to you and helps in healing too.

When to use it: Moonstone with its ethereal glow, is best used for enhancing intuition, emotional balance, and creativity. Employ it during times of introspection, meditation, or artistic pursuits. It's beneficial for soothing emotions and navigating life's cycles, making it ideal for those seeking harmony and connection with their inner selves and the natural world.

4) Citrine 

What it looks like: A delightful dose of Vitamin D Citrine is sheer yellow color warmth.

What it does: Forever ready to bring a burst of energy and detox the body, Citrine gemstone can keep your mind cleansed and fresh thoughts flowing, pulling you out of any kind of slump. Its sunny outlook helps treat depression and anxiety, fostering positivity and mental clarity amidst life's challenges, guiding you towards radiant well-being and optimism.

When to use it: Turn to Citrine when you feel your mood swings pendulating and your optimism fading. This gemstone can balance you out physically and mentally so you feel back on top of the world.

5) Aventurine 

What it looks like: A cool and clean green color gemstone.

What it does: Aventurine gemstone known as the "stone of opportunity," brings luck, prosperity, and abundance. Its green hues resonate with growth and vitality, fostering optimism and confidence. Aventurine enhances creativity, intuition, and leadership skills, aiding in decision-making and manifesting desires. It harmonizes the heart chakra, promoting emotional balance and inner peace. This versatile gem inspires courage, attracting new opportunities and guiding towards fulfillment and success.

When to use it: Aventurine is here to heal the heart chakra and bring balance at all times. It’s a great stone to wear or have close when you are in any health issue.

How to Use these Healing Stones

  • Wear them against the body
  • Use them in meditation
  • Place on the chakras

If you want to welcome more physical healing to your life through the power of crystals then the best way is to keep them on your body. Crystals connect energetically and when touching the skin, they are better equipped to sync up your vibrational energy with their own. Wearing gemstone jewelry means that these stones can bring balance to the chakras, keep you protected and continuously work to keep your health in positive check.

You can also use these crystals in meditation. By holding a crystal or placing a gem on the chakra it’s connected to you can remove any blockages that may be interrupting the flow of energy and having a negative impact on your health and wellbeing.

These 5 gemstones for health and wellbeing will work across the body, spirit and mind too. That’s the true pleasure of crystals they are loaded with their own unique healing energy and they always want the best from you. From manifesting magic to encouraging authentic living, just the simple act of welcoming one of these stones into your life is setting an intention to love yourself, care for yourself, and make choices that lead to longevity, balance and placing yourself in the best possible health.

What are your favorite crystals for health and wellbeing? Share all your experiences and thoughts with us in the comments and If you're interested in purchasing any crystal from us, welcome! We offer affordable prices or you can simply DM us..