5 Crystals for Money, Wealth & Prosperity & How to Use Them

5 Crystals for Money, Wealth & Prosperity & How to Use Them

Whether your bank balance is soaring into the black or delving into the red, we have a selection of powerful crystals to help you hit those financial goals.

You Deserve Abundance!

  • Heal your money wounds
  • Welcome abundance in love, health and wealth
  • Call on the law of attraction

Money is forever a complicated matter and can often add to the weight of us feeling unworthy. The truth is, we all have our own unique relationship with money and there is usually a ton of emotions sewn into the seams. We can feel like we have too much, not enough, we may feel guilty for wanting more, we may spend too freely or hold too tight. Whatever your personal relationship with money is, odds are there is always some sort of wound to be healed and this is where money stones can help.

Crystals that work with good fortune aren’t just about bringing more coinage to your account but can also be about curating our own sense of true prosperity and sitting comfortably in our authentic version of abundance. Everyone has different financial goals and each money story looks different. How you view money and how you welcome abundance into your life isn’t set in stone and we always have the power to shift our own narrative and to welcome healing properties into our life.

No matter what your money story is, the bottom line is always that you deserve abundance whether that shows us in terms of numbers, a feeling of fullness or in the many forms of different fortune that come your way. The law of attraction is always there to be harnessed when you turn your attention to deep heartfelt healing.

For those who are keen to find out which crystals can manifest true wealth and prosperity keep on reading.

Powerful Crystals to Attract Wealth 

  • Cut out self-limiting beliefs
  • Energetically remove blocks

So which crystals should you call on for attracting wealth? it’s worth remembering that sometimes not embracing the energy of abundance can be down to emotional or spiritual blocks in our life. We say this from an energetic point of view as we do understand that often circumstance and lack of privilege can get in the way of financial success.

When we talk about the power of crystals for wealth, we also mean a feeling of worthiness, of believing in oneself, of cutting out those self-limiting beliefs and being able to find a place of gratitude inner strength, and personal power. When we are able to grow all of these elements and to send our desires out into the universe, it may just be surprising as to what comes back.

Here are some of the best crystals for money:

1) Citrine 

  • The merchants stone
  • Delivers a can-do attitude

For those who tend to see money and wealth as a negative energy source, the merchant’s stone of the Citrine crystal is here to flip that narrative on its head. Sunny and bright, the golden glow of Citrine is all about powerful positive energy and unblocking the solar plexus chakra. When we tap into our own sense of potent power, when we clear out those confidence blockages that are holding us back and when we approach life with a rich and evocative can-do attitude we can start to shine. 

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2) Pyrite 

  • Clears previous associations
  • Helps you connect to your own energy

The gold road is a long road but the good luck power of Pyrite gemstone will get you there. One glance at this glittering gem soaked in positivity and you know exactly how it earned the name of Fools Gold (Pyrite). But there is nothing foolish about Pyrite. This stone has been known to clear out any previous associations you have with feeling stuck when it comes to money or wealth it can also help you tune in to your own dynamic energy. Clear minded and without those pesky impoverished feelings holding you back there is so much to be achieved. So, pyrite gemstone is best for you, and you can use Pyrite in any form like palm stone, which you can keep in your purse.

But be careful to keep your pyrite crystal away from water because Pyrite is an iron sulfate mineral that can oxidize when exposed to water for long periods. This can damage the crystal structure and its healing effects.

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3) Green Aventurine 

  • Sends out intentions
  • Brings confidence 

Green Aventurine gemstone is also rich in abundance energy and it’s powers extend beyond the borders of financial gain. For those who want more in their life whether it be more love, more freedom, more time, more confidence or more spiritual healing Green Aventurine is sure to have your back. This heart healing crystal is awesome at tuning in to the real wishes of our soul and sends that intention out into the wider world. When we raise our own vibrations and connect with those deep desires we place ourselves in a space that makes it easy to receive.

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4) Amethyst 

  • Restores peace
  • Stops stress and connects you to higher purpose

Ever the restorer of peace, Amethyst gems can definitely be used if you want to draw in higher levels of wealth and abundance. This soft hued purple color stone is a total crown chakra connector and keeps us soaked in spirituality, even when dealing with down to earth cash flow issues. For those who are tired of feeling nervous and jangled around matters of money.

Amethyst can help keep frayed nerves soothed. Not only will Amethyst cut straight through stress but it also keeps you connected to your higher purpose which can stop you scrabbling around for opportunities that don’t serve you.

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5) Tiger's Eye

  • Taps into inner intuition
  • Keeps us present and grounded

While wishes and manifesting magic is an awesome way of inviting abundance into your life it’s also important to stay grounded, focused and protected during this journey. This is where the glimmer of Tiger’s Eye gemstone comes in. Warm and ripe in energy, the Tiger’s Eye knows when to prowl, when to rest and when to act. It’s a great stone at connecting with your deepest intuition and also brings earthly rich roots that can dig down deep and hold you in stability.

For the law of attraction to work, we can’t be all over the place with our thoughts and scattered emotion, we need to be clear, present and grounded. This is exactly the type of mindset that Tiger’s Eye stone can nurture. 

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How to use these gemstones 

  • Wear to carry the intention of prosperity
  • Welcome to the home to promote the energy of plenty

For those who are swooning over the idea of bringing more abundance into your world you may want to consider the best way to work with these money ripe crystals. One of the best ways to say a big consistent yes to the positive energy of crystals is by choosing to wear them. When you wear gemstone jewelry like bracelet, finger ring, earring or pendant for prosperity and success you are continually carrying that intention with you. Gemstones work beautifully when placed directly on the skin as they are able to transmute all their healing vibrations straight to your chakras.

You can also use crystals in Feng Shui like statue, tower, sphere, free forms or flowers around the home or in your office or workspace for when you want to promote the promise of plenty. Other creative ways to call on these crystals for money could be stashing a stone in your purse or using a worry stone or crystal sphere for mindful meditation around themes of wellness and abundance.



Whatever your relationship to wealth and success, working with crystals can focus your mind and put you on a path of ironing out the kinks. These words can carry a lot of weight in our society and sometimes it can be tricky to hear your own truth and connect to your own needs. Whatever ‘wants’ you desire, there is no reason why you can’t have them and these crystals serve as a shimmering reminder that you can thrive.

What are your thoughts around success?

What does it mean to you and which crystal will you be calling on to help get you there.