Beautiful white quartz hand carved designer bowls - 4.5 inches diameter and 320 gms (0.7 lb) - ONE BOWL ONLY
Beautiful white quartz hand carved designer bowls - 4.5 inches diameter and 320 gms (0.7 lb) - ONE BOWL ONLY

Beautiful white quartz hand carved designer bowls - 4.5 inches diameter and 320 gms (0.7 lb) - ONE BOWL ONLY

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Product : Beautiful white quartz hand carved designer bowls  
Stone : White  Quartz
Size : 4. 5 inches 
Weight : 320 gms (0.7 lb)

This is a beautifully and meticulously hand carved lotus bowl in white quartz stone, measuring 4.5 inches by diameter and weighing approximately 320 gms (0.7 lb). This bowl can be used as a signature home decor piece which will make heads turn, or for storing your collection of crystal curios/carvings. The lotus has divine significance for followers of yoga and meditation. It represents the Sahasra Chakra, the opening of which leads to Jnana or the state of Knowing, also called Enlightenment.

White quartz a magnificent gemstone known for its purity and luminosity, has long been cherished for its healing properties and aesthetic allure. When transformed into beautiful hand-carved designer bowls, white quartz takes on a new dimension, becoming a vessel of spiritual energy and a stunning piece of art. These exquisite bowls hold great significance in the realm of crystal healing, offering a myriad of benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Moreover, they have become a popular choice for gifting on various occasions and as captivating home decorations.

White quartz often referred to as the "Master Healer," possesses a unique energy that can purify and amplify the energy of other crystals. When hand-carved into bowls, it creates a harmonious space for crystal healing practices. The smooth and rounded contours of the bowl facilitate the flow of energy, allowing the crystals placed within it to radiate their healing vibrations more effectively. The pure white color of the quartz symbolizes clarity, cleansing, and spiritual awakening, making it an ideal choice for energy work and meditation.

The benefits of using beautiful white quartz hand-carved designer bowls in crystal healing are manifold. Firstly, they serve as powerful energy amplifiers, enhancing the healing properties of the crystals placed within them. The smooth interior of the bowl promotes a sense of calmness and tranquility, enabling the practitioner to connect more deeply with the crystals' energies. By placing different crystals in the bowl, one can create unique combinations to address specific healing needs, whether it be emotional balance, physical well-being, or spiritual growth.

These bowls can be used to cleanse and recharge crystals. Placing crystals in the bowl overnight or during meditation allows them to absorb the purifying and rejuvenating energy of the white quartz. This practice revitalizes the crystals, clearing them of any negative energies and restoring their natural vitality.

Beautiful white quartz hand-carved designer bowls have become treasured items for gifting on various occasions. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or celebration of a milestone, these bowls serve as meaningful and thoughtful presents. They represent purity, harmony, and positive energy, making them ideal gifts for loved ones who appreciate the beauty and power of crystals.

These bowls have found a special place in home decoration. Placing a white quartz bowl in a living space not only adds a touch of elegance but also creates an environment conducive to relaxation and spiritual well-being. The luminous white hue of the quartz complements various interior styles, while its healing energy infuses the space with positive vibrations. Whether used as a centerpiece, a focal point on a shelf, or part of a crystal grid, these bowls enhance the aesthetics and ambiance of any room.

Beautiful white quartz hand-carved designer bowls hold immense importance in the realm of crystal healing. They serve as potent energy amplifiers, facilitating the flow of healing vibrations and enhancing the properties of other crystals. These bowls are revered for their ability to cleanse and recharge crystals, promoting their longevity and effectiveness. Moreover, they have gained popularity as meaningful gifts on special occasions, representing purity and positive energy. As captivating home decorations, they bring a touch of elegance and serenity to any space. With their harmonious blend of beauty and functionality, white quartz hand-carved designer bowls are truly invaluable tools for crystal healing and beyond.

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