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Dalmatian Jasper Sphere / ball - Crystal Healing

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Dalmatian Jasper Sphere 

Stone : Dalmatian Jasper

Size : 2.6 inches (6.5 cms) diameter

Weight : 455 gm (1 lb)

An awesome handmade Dalmatian Jasper Sphere for meditation & healing purpose. Gemstone balls and spheres are amazing "hand comforters" to use in times of anxiety or stress. Holding a crystal ball brings its healing vibrations into one's auric field allowing for a shift in the energy fields. Crystal balls and spheres are also used as concentrating mediums, providing a focal point for meditation.

The Dalmatian Jasper stone has a lovely energy that reminds you that you can enjoy life. Dalmatian Jasper will inspire faith and devotion towards others, especially those that you have close relationships with. It gives you stamina to do what needs to be done, and is an excellent stone to assist you to sleep well, free from nightmares. The spots of Black Tourmaline in the stone will bring energy that encourages positive attitudes and suck up any negativity or disharmony that it finds in the surroundings. The energy of Dalmatian Stone vibrates within the solar plexus or power chakra. It helps create an improvement in the breakdown of food, and is helpful for the digestion. It is also said to help you if you have problems with gallstones. It is an excellent healing stone for the blood and the immune system.

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