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Natural rainbow moonstone point - handmade crystal carvings - used in energy crystal healing

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Rainbow Moonstone Point

Stone : Rainbow Moonstone

Size : 3 inches height

Weight : between 40 to 60 gms

PLEASE NOTE: The intensity, area and size of the rainbow flash may differ from piece to piece and some may not have any flash at all. One random piece from the above lot of 12 will be sent on receiving order. We will try and give the good flash ones if possible but it will be based on first come first serve basis. So, please order soon if you want the better ones. An awesome handmade Rainbow Moonstone point for meditation & healing purpose. Gemstone points and spheres are amazing "hand comforters" to use in times of anxiety or stress. Moonstone point configuration provides focus for energy that is invigorating, re-balancing, and protective.

The Moonstone point configuration enhances the metaphysical and healing properties of the source crystal. A crystal point is a powerful crystal tool. When placed facing away, the crystal point directs energy outward. Holding a Moonstone point brings its healing vibrations into one's auric field allowing for a shift in the energy fields. Moonstones have a highly spiritual nature, and one can benefit by putting this vibration to work in their life. It is a stone that enhances one's feelings and encourages fervent desires, eager expectation and heartfelt resolve. It holds within it the deep seated nature of feminine energy. These beautiful crystals reflect within them the magical healing qualities of the vibrations of the moon. Within men, its energy may influence the brain, and help become more emotionally balanced, as the right side of your brain is stimulated to become more creative.

Ideal Gift for crystal healing to your loved ones!

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