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Rainbow Carborundum (Silicon Carbide) free form, vitality booster gemstone

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Carborundum Specimen

Carborundum is a man made crystal also known as Silicon Carbide. Carborundum is a very enchanting crystal, with black spiked crystals like a castle, gorgeous rainbow-like luster, iridescent colors of green, blues, purple, pink, yellow, etc. Pure Silicon Carbide is very rare on Earth but abundant in space and meteorites, a common form of stardust found around carbon-rich stars. The rainbow colors found in Carborundum are associated with the Seven Chakras. Carborundum energetically purifies the mind, body and spirit while encouraging intuition and discernment. Carborundum enhances communication, transmits thought, conducts electrical impulses and can magnify the energy transfer from the healer and from minerals to the subject of healing.

Carborundum is a powerful vitality booster and is useful for relieving headaches, eye strains and any computer related injuries. Carborundum helps in releasing shoulder and neck problems. It may be helpful in the treatment of bone deformities, skeletal system issues, and healing fractures and may be used to strengthen the teeth.

This large piece of carborundum weighs 1.050 kg (2.3 lb) and measures 4.5 in x 4.5 in x 4 in (lxbxh).

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